Buffalo Accident Attorney Discusses Injury Symptoms in a Motorcycle Accident

As an experienced Buffalo Accident Attorney, when I get calls from riders who are in motorcycle accidents, one of the things they often ask is what injuries are important and what should they be looking out for as far as physical injuries that might lead to a claim.

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In New York State because motorcyclists are not protected by the no-fault statute, they do not need to prove that they are seriously injured to qualify to receive compensation from the other vehicle who caused the accident. They don’t have the protection of the immediate medical benefit and the lost wage component, but they also don’t need to have a fracture, or have an injury that’s qualified as serious to receive compensation. When you’re an accident victim and it’s not your fault, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or you’re a passenger, you instantly qualify to receive compensation for your injuries. The only difference is what are those level of injuries that you’re able to be compensated for, which is why if you’re ever involved in this kind of an accident you should call an attorney immediately who understands what you are going through and is qualified to help.

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