Buffalo Accident Attorney Discusses Recovering Damages as a Passenger in a Bus Accident

In Buffalo, many people travel via our mass transit system, both by bus, and subway. As an experienced Buffalo Accident Attorney, I sometimes get phone calls from people who have been injured in a bus accident and  want to know what kind of damages they can recover. One thing we initially attempt to recover for them is any available no-fault benefits. For example, we ensure that their medical care is paid for, and that any lost wages are addressed. We also ensure that any miscellaneous expenses such as mileage or other items that result directly from the accident are covered, and they are properly reimbursed.

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Beyond that, any additional damages or recovery are based upon the nature and extent of the person’s injuries. Then, depending on whether a bus driver or the other vehicle was at fault, we conduct an investigation to ascertain exactly what happened and who was at fault – and then proceed from there.

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