Buffalo Accident Attorney Explains Being Eligible for More than Workers Comp if Injured on a Construction Site

I often represent people who were injured as a result of a construction accident.  One common question I receive from workers who were injured is whether or not they are able to collect more than workman’s compensation when injured on the job. New York State’s Labor Laws were created to protect workers who work on construction sites. Although construction companies and project managers do not like those laws, the fact remains that it is critical to protect injured employees. Under the Workers’ Compensation Law, a person who is injured on a construction site is permitted to bring a compensation case.

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 In addition, Section 200, Section 240(1), and Section 241(6) of our Labor Laws allow you to bring a cause of action against the general contractor, the owner, and any others who might be financially interested in the project. Those protections are provided for the benefit of injured workers, to impose a strict liability on individuals who are responsible for their safety on the work site. If you’re ever involved in a construction accident, please call us right away.

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