Buffalo Accident Lawyer Explains the Advantages and Disadvantages of Going to Trial

The benefits of proceeding to trial – or deciding not to do so – can be innumerable. Obviously, if an insurance company has undervalued your case, taking the case to trial would be one positive approach to getting the money you deserve because of the injuries you sustained. One negative factor to consider in going to trial is that certain costs are associated with that approach.

As an experienced Buffalo Accident Lawyer, I will have to prove the extent of your physical injuries through the testimony of medical doctors – and those doctors will charge a fee for appearing at trial. One element in deciding whether we will proceed to trial is whether the doctors will charge too much; however, even in those cases, we can do certain things and proceed to trial without the need to bring doctors in to testify. Certain trials permit the injured party to submit records. Ultimately, based on our recommendations, you will decide whether or not a trial is appropriate and whether the risk vs. reward is worthwhile.

Have you been injured and worried that you may have to go to trial?  Contact dedicated Buffalo Accident Lawyer to fight for you.

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