Buffalo Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Motorcycle Accidents

Buffalo Injury Lawyer Discusses Common Motorcycle AccidentsI am often asked about the most common types of motorcycle accidents in New York.  When someone is in a motorcycle accident, the types of injuries sustained are often different than those in a typical car accident. Often you get road rash or road burn from your skin in contact with the pavement or concrete as you’re skidding across it.   I advise clients as a Buffalo Injury Lawyer that there are crushing injuries from the bike being laid down on top of you. If there’s an impact with another vehicle or a curb or a tree, there are the impact accidents which can break bones, cause head traumas and then, of course, the back and neck disk herniation injuries because of your spine being torqued because of the initial impact or being thrown off the bike.

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This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, one of our experienced Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.