Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses Insurance Coverage in a Motorcycle Accident

As a Buffalo Motorcycle Injury Attorney I am often asked what goes on during a motorcycle accident with insurance compared to a car in New York.  When motorcycle accidents occur there are some drastic differences between that and a car accident. When you are either a passenger or a driver of a car that is in an accident, you are covered by New York State no fault benefits. That is regardless of who is at fault. Because the operation of a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, motorcycle operators are not protected by New York State no fault insurance. I advise clients as a Buffalo Motorcycle Injury Attorney that if you don’t have adequate health insurance coverage of your own and are injured in an accident, you are going to have a difficult time getting treatment or having the proper care because the benefits that protects people in cars is specifically absent in motorcycle policies for the drivers.

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This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, one of our experienced Buffalo Motorcycle Accident Attorneys.