Buffalo, NY Lawyer Discusses a Trip and Fall Injury


Today my wife was was pushing a shopping cart in a plaza with our 1 and 3 year old in the cart. She was walking briskly trying to catch up with her mother and hit an uneven part of the pavement tripped and fell, while the cart flipped on its front with the kids in the cart. The children cried for a bit, but do not appear to have any injuries or bruises. My wife has some bruising/scrapes on her legs and her wrist is sore but is otherwise ok besides being very shaken up. Is this anything a lawyer should handle or because there were no injuries is there nothing we can do? Can the plaza owner get in trouble or would video be available of this?

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Luckily, your family hasn’t been seriously injured. If your wife’s injuries progress, then you may want to consult with an experienced Buffalo NY Lawyer. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time finding a personal injury attorney to handle this for you. The strength of a case is dependent on good liability and the level of injury.

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