Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses If there is a Minimum Amount of Medical Bills Needed to File a Claim

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, I am sometimes asked if there is an amount of bills in New York State that you have to accumulate in order to prove your claim for injury. The answer really is no. It goes more to the quality, not the quantity of those bills.

Oftentimes because of the cost of medical services, the insurance adjusters can get some idea of the extent of your treatment and injuries based upon the amount of the bills. For example, some physical therapy visits can be $50, but an MRI is $850. An adjuster will look at the total spent sometimes on your medical billing to determine if the treatment was extensive. I will advise clients as a Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer that there is no amount that is a minimum that you must get to prove your claim.

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This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer.