Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Explains if the School is Liable for a Child’s Injury

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer, I often speak to clients whose children have been injured due to an accident at school. When your child is at school, the school and the teachers are supposed to be overseeing the care of your children in place of the parents. This means is that they are supposed to provide safety, oversight, and supervision of all of the students. If something happens while at school, and it’s a result of lack of care, then you may have a claim to recover compensation for the injury of your child.

The claim deadlines for schools are shorter than if it was a private party, so you should contact an experienced Buffalo injury lawyer immediately to go over the details of your case and determine if further action is warranted. Has your child been injured in school and you are unsure if you have an injury claim? Contact our experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation. We can go over the unique factors of your case and explain your rights under the law to ensure you are protected. Don’t settle for less, contact us today.

This educational legal blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer.