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New York Nursing Home Negligence Guide

New York Nursing Home Negligence Guide

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Injury Not being able to take care of an aging loved one is hard.  You have trusted a facility and its staff to provide care over them and they have failed.  The New York Nursing Home Negligence Guide was created by Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra, PLLC to help residents protect […]

The First 8 Steps After an Auto Accident

The First 8 Steps After an Auto Accident

If you have ever been in an auto accident (and we sincerely hope you have not!), you will likely remember very little of what transpired immediately after the accident. This is normal; it is because of your body’s shock response. However, the minutes leading away from an auto accident are extremely important. All medical emergencies […]

Pedestrian Injured Walking Through a Construction Site

Buffalo Accident Attorney

Were you injured from a work site? Check out this blog about a pedestrian injured walking through a construction site, then call us today. As an experienced Buffalo Accident Lawyer, I’ve had calls from potential clients who were injured while passing through construction sites, even though they weren’t employed there. These cases are very fact-specific […]

Will You Have To Testify in Court?

Will You Have To Testify in Court

In personal injury cases, one question I always receive as a Buffalo Injury Lawyer is, “Will I have to testify in court?” We are often able to negotiate with insurance companies and settle cases rather than actually having to go to trial; however, it is very important that the insurance companies know your attorney is […]

Car Accident Involving a Drunk Driver

Buffalo Injury Attorney

Were you or a loved one in a serious car accident involving a drunk driver? Contact our experienced Buffalo attorneys to fight for you. As a dedicated Buffalo Injury Attorney, clients will call after being involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, they often ask, “Are there any special circumstances? What is […]

Injured by Riding Over a Pothole on a Bicycle

Injured Exiting Shopping Mall and Walked into an Unmarked Grey Cement Post. Required Hospital Treatment.

Were you seriously injured by riding over a pothole on a bicycle? Contact our Buffalo attorneys to fight for you and your rights today. I have gotten calls from bicyclists who were injured while riding along the road because of potholes or other road conditions. We encounter these fact patterns more and more – especially now […]

Buffalo Accident Attorney Explains if You Have Any Recourse for an Injury While Hiking on State Land

Buffalo Accident Attorney

As an experienced Buffalo Accident Attorney, If a client tells me they were injured while participating in a recreational sport – such as hiking on state land – it’s important to know that New York State has specific laws regarding an individual’s assumption of risk when they elect to participate in certain recreational activities. For […]

Buffalo Injury Lawyer Discusses Bringing a Claim Against a Bar for a DWI Accident

Buffalo Injury Lawyer

In the past, I’ve had clients who called following involvement in an accident with a drunk driver who had been drinking in a local bar or restaurant. They often ask, “Can we make a claim that reaches beyond just that driver? Is the bar responsible for that driver’s activities?” Download Our Free Auto Accident Guide  In […]

Eligible for More than Workers Comp For Your Injury

Buffalo Construction Injury Lawyer

Were you hurt on a construction site and wonder if you’re eligible for more than workers’ comp for your injury? Call our Buffalo attorneys. I often represent people who were injured as a result of a construction accident.  One common question I receive from workers who were injured is whether or not they are able to […]