How Can a General Practitioner Help After an Injury?

General practitioners are doctors who will treat you for ailments and injuries when you are involved in an accident. In the no-fault system with automobile accidents, the system is geared against individuals who are injured.

If a primary doctor does not understand the system, they will get eaten alive by the insurance companies. The doctors that are hired by the insurance companies will often say  “you don’t need any more treatment” even if you do. Therefore, our primary doctors can be instrumental in referring you to other doctors.

It’s extremely important to have someone familiar with the no-fault system; but more importantly, a specialist. Having an orthopedic doctor, a neurologist, or a neurosurgeon check you out is very important to be able to find out what’s wrong before an insurance company doctor sends you to independent medical examination.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, one of our experienced car accident lawyers.