Slip and Fall on the College Parking Lot, They Won’t Pay


I fell in my Universities parking lot on January 27th. I was walking to my friends car, took a step off the sidewalk and the slush took my foot causing my ACL to completely tear. I went to the doctor 2 days later, got x-rays, then got referred to a orthopedic specialist. He told me I needed an MRI. I got that done and my results came back with a completely torn ACL, and now I am needing to get surgery. However, my University is claiming that they are only going to pay $1,000. My MRI was two times the price of that. My own insurance is out of state and they can’t cover as much as if this happened back home. I feel that since I fell on school property that it is their right to pay for it. I just need some guidance.

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If it is a public university, then a Notice of Claim must be filed within 90 days of the fall to preserve your right to bring a claim against them.  The University may be responsible for payment of your medical bills, and also pain and suffering if they acted negligently and that was a cause of the fall.  Each circumstance is different, and more specific facts would be required by an attorney to properly assess the potential claim for you.

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