Steps to Take if You Were Seriously Injured by Riding Over a Pothole on a Bicycle

I have gotten calls from bicyclists who were injured while riding along the road because of potholes or other road conditions. We encounter these fact patterns more and more – especially now that bicycling on our city streets is becoming much more popular.

Because individuals who ride a bicycle in a city like Buffalo – whose roadways are subject to regular freeze and thaw conditions – they assume a certain amount of risk, it is important to understand that bringing a claim for a pothole incident would be extremely difficult unless the city was on notice of it, or it was repaired improperly, or it was actually part of an excavation that wasn’t marked off with proper signage.

Were you seriously injured when you hit a pothole while riding a bicycle?  Contact an experienced Accident Lawyer in Buffalo, like Richard Nicotra to fight for your recovery.

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