Struck by a Motor Vehicle

Struck by a Motor VehicleWhen a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle, and fortunate enough to survive, injuries from the collision are generally severe, costly, and life-altering. Immediately following such an event, the pedestrian and his family are confronted with a myriad of pressing questions and concerns that demand immediate attention. Who will pay for my medical bills? What if I cannot return to work? What if I never heal? How will I support my family? Should I speak with the driver’s insurance company?

These are just a few of the many questions that typically bombard a pedestrian if they are fortunate enough to survive the accident. Given the severity of the consequences, it is essential that the injured pedestrian or his family retain one of our experienced Buffalo pedestrian accident lawyers immediately.

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Should I Speak with the Driver’s Insurance Company?

After being struck by a motor vehicle, should you speak with the driver’s insurance company? The answer is no. Do not talk to them. Let your attorney handle it. They may ask you a series of questions that might be detrimental to your case due to how they ask them. Even if it wasn’t your fault, they will phrase them in certain ways that might not be beneficial to you. Never speak to them on your own behalf. Have an attorney do it for you because that first interview, how it goes, the questions that are asked, the answers that are given, could really color how the claim is handled and what kind of a result you get down the road.

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