What is good to know if I fall down and get injured due to a faulty handrail?

The most prominent issue that we deal with is a faulty hand railing when people are walking up and down stairs. Hand railings are put into place in order to provide stabilization for people who are using stairways.

Oftentimes people that are falling or trip, use the hand rail that is loose or defective, the hand rail will not provide that type of stabilization and causes the person to fall. In those situations, just like all slip and fall situation, we need to show that the owner of the premises or the person responsible for the premises should have known of the defective condition. That comes into play when we interview past renters of the same property. We can also do that by showing a decay in the hand railings themselves, because decay in the hand railing does not happen overnight, and we hire experts to come in.

The other issue in respect to hand rails is when there is no hand rail there at all. Certain codes in states, towns, cities require that there’d be hand railings in certain situations and in the event that those hand railings are not put into place then its evidence of negligence on behalf of the owner of the premises.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced slip & fall attorneys.