What Legal Recourse Do I Have as a Postal Carrier Against the Owner of a Dog that Bit Me?


I am a postal carrier and I was delivering a package.  I knocked on the door, and the lady opened the door a crack and stuck her hand out. Her two dogs burst through the door into the front yard (They were small dogs).  The lady came outside and I gave her the package, as I turned to walk back to the truck, I could feel what felt like razors in my calf.  I told the lady that her dog had bit me and she asked if it “was it the brown one?”  I said that I didn’t know which dog it was that had bitten me and showed her the bite. She didn’t apologize but only said that her dog’s shots were up to date and then went inside. I have 3 puncture wounds, that are bleeding, bruising, and swelling. I already contacted animal control, do I have legal recourse?

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The postal carrier has a claim against the dog owner, if that dog had bitten somebody else previously, or had vicious propensities.  The specific dog will need to be identified though, which may require a deposition of the homeowner ( or possibly jaw measurements of both suspected dogs).

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