Winning a Slip and Fall Case

Winning a Slip and Fall Case

Winning a Slip and Fall CaseAfter you have been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be thinking about winning a slip and fall case. Here is what you need to know before calling a lawyer.

Winning a Slip and Fall Case | The Challenges

We get calls from clients regarding slip and fall accidents, primarily in the winter; summertime, it does happen. Often, trip and falls, or defects with the ground, or things that are sticking up that shouldn’t be. Clients come in and sometimes there were no witnesses. One of their questions is, well, how do I know they’re not going to blame me entirely for this? How do I know that they’re not going to try and skirt all responsibility?

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Winning a Slip and Fall Case | Proving You Weren’t at Fault

A lot of it comes down to the credibility of the person who’s making the claim, but also a combination of how their story fits in with what the physical structures look like that may have been a cause of that fall. What we also do is look for any possible witnesses in the area, take photos of the area where it happened, and also, look for any video surveillance or safety cameras that are around. It’s not uncommon to have private homes in the area have their own security system. We’ve had good fortune with having homeowners provide – or allow us to come to their homes, even – and duplicate footage of an accident or an injury that took place. That often helps us solidify a case, and then push the proof forward that way as well.

If you are worried about not winning a slip and fall case, hiring an experienced Buffalo personal injury lawyer could be the best move you make. Once you receive the proper medical treatment that you need for the injuries that you sustained, please give our lawyers a call for a free consultation.

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