1.4 Million Dollar Accident Case

Successful 1.4 Million Dollar Auto Accident Case

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto discusses a successful auto accident case which won our client 1.4 million dollars.  Contact one of our experienced Buffalo injury attorneys if you were injured.

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I was recently involved in a case with a client of mine who was an immigrant, had limited English fluency, and was involved in a motor vehicle accident. This client was struck by the vehicle, which also suffered a considerable amount of damage. This case presented an interesting medical scenario, as opposed to a negligence scenario, and we knew who was at fault for the accident. The question was whether the accident produced the injuries that we were claiming in our case.

Several days before our accident, our client had gone to a doctor and had complained that he was experiencing neck pain and numbness in both hands. He had also had an MRI of his neck because there was some concern over the fact that he might have some disc pathology. After our accident, our claim was that our client’s neck pain got worse, and as a result, he had additional treatment and a subsequent MRI. The initial reading of the subsequent MRI from our own doctors indicated that they did not believe that there was any change in the MRI results. In other words, there was no injury from before the accident to after the accident. The films were identical. Because of that, any problems associated with the neck were preexisting.

Another doctor examined those films and ultimately performed surgery because the individual’s symptoms had deteriorated. Unfortunately, that doctor had indicated that only a portion of the client’s injuries were related to the motor vehicle accident. In our analysis of the MRI results, it appeared that in the subsequent films after the accident, there was a level of cord compression that may not have been present beforehand. After consulting with the doctors, our office made a determination that the injuries that my client was experiencing were causally related to this accident, and we thought that we could prove that the injuries and the surgery was as a result of the accident.

The insurance company in this case decided that they were going to offer us very little compensation; the offer on the case was certainly under $100,000. Based on our analysis, I chose to continue to pursue the case because I thought that we could explain a change in the MRI film and win my client fair compensation. After an arduous process and years of litigation, we won 1.4 million dollars in compensation for our client. Obviously, the client is much happier with that than the number of less than $100,000.