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At Andrews, Bernstein, Maranto & Nicotra, PLLC, we are in the business of helping personal injury victims recover the compensation they deserve after being wrongfully injured in any type of accident. We’ve taken the time to answer your most frequently asked questions in the following personal injury videos. If you have any questions about your injury, please contact our experienced Buffalo Injury Lawyers at 716-842-2200 for a free confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you!

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Auto Accident Injury Topics

Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car Accident Case

Is My Injury Big Enough for an Attorney to Handle?

Car Accident Insurance Investigation

Dealing with the Auto Insurance Adjuster

Determining Who Was At Fault

Hit and Run Accident

Black Ice Car Accidents

Winter Weather Car Accidents

Unsure Who Caused the Accident

Ridesharing Injury Liability

UBER Accident Liability

Traveling Ban Car Accident

Who Is Liable In A Self-Driving Car Crash?

Can I Pursue a Lawsuit for Damages Even Though I Did Not Receive Immediate Medical Care?

Steps in a No Fault Claim

How Long Do I Have to File a No Fault Claim?

Are My Medical Bills Covered Through No Fault?

Who Pays to Fix My Car

Did You Hurt Your Neck or Back in a Car Accident in New York?

Will I Be Compensated For My Auto Accident Injury?

Financially Recovering from a Motor Vehicle Accident

How Important Is Investigation During The Early Stages of An Auto Accident Case?

Choosing a Doctor After an Accident

How does lost wage reimbursement work?

No-Fault Medical Examinations

What Are The Benefits of No Fault in New York?

What Are The First Things I Should Do If I Get In An Auto Accident in New York?

Comparative Negligence

Stalling Insurance Companies

Someone Else Crashed My Car, Am I At Fault?

Distracted Driving Injuries

Passenger Injuries in Car Accidents

Car Accidents in Bad Weather

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Injured in an Auto Accident that is Partially My Fault

Can I File a Car Accident Lawsuit If I was Not Wearing My Seatbelt?

Injured While Driving on the Job

What Happens if My Car is Totaled in an Auto Accident in New York?

Insurance Company Tactics to Minimize Liability

Inadequate Car Accident Insurance

What Incidental Expenses are covered under No Fault Insurance?

Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian

Pedestrian Hit and Run Injury

Liability in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Can a Pedestrian Be Partially at Fault?

Recovering Damages After a Pedestrian Accident

Is a Driver Always at Fault When Hitting a Pedestrian?

What is important to know if you injure your shoulder in an auto accident in New York?

The Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance

Out of State Driver Insurance

The benefit of SUM or Supplemental Uninsured Motor Vehicle Insurance

Who is Responsible for a Multi-Car Accident?

Defective Roadway Accidents

Car Accident Involving a Drunk Driver

Bringing a Claim Against a Bar for a DWI Accident

Delayed Injuries After an Auto Accident

Boat Accident Topics

Boating Accidents

Statute of Limitations for Watercraft Accidents

Injuries that Can Occur on a Boat

Common Causes of Boating Injuries and Fatalities

Boating Accident Liability

Boat Rental Waivers

Types of Boats that are Typically Involved in Watercraft Accidents

Jetski Accident Injury Case

Is the Driver of the Boat Who Acted Unsafe Liable for My Injury?

Recovering Damages in Boating Accidents

Nursing Home Neglect Topics

Mistakes To Avoid in Nursing Home Neglect Cases

What should people do to document nursing home injuries?

Nursing Home Injury and Nursing Home Neglect Law in New York

What should you do if you suspect nursing home neglect?

What are some signs of nursing home neglect?

What is important to know about nursing home injuries?

Items to Bring to Your Free Consultation

Attorney Client Communication

Motorcycle Accident Topics

Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Motorcycle Accident Case

The Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

Car Accident vs. Motorcycle Accident

Are Motorcycles Covered Under No Fault?

What Happens During a Motorcycle Accident?

What is Important to Know About Motorcycle Accidents?

Is there Any Compensation Available for an Injured Motorcyclist? 

Poorly Maintained Roads 

Who is Responsible for a Motorcycle Injury?

Motorcycle Statute of Limitations

Truck Accident Injury Topics

Commercial Truck Accidents

Car Accident Vs. Truck Accident

Injured Driving a Tractor Trailer Truck

Steps After a Truck Accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Truck Accident Insurance Investigation

Choosing a Truck Accident Attorney

Truck Accident Settlement Offers

Truck Accident Statute of Limitations

Truck Accident Case Value

Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

General Personal Injury Topics

Steps to File a Lawsuit

Selecting the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case

Do I Have a Claim if My Health Insurance Paid the Medical Bills

What is the Discovery Process?

Can I Switch My Personal Injury Attorney?

My Attorney Dropped My Case, Can You Help?

How Long will My Personal Injury Case Take?

How Long Does it Take to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

What Should I Avoid Doing After an Accident?

Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial?

Will I Have to Testify in Court?

Can I Avoid Trial?

Common Injury Deposition Question

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Going to Trial

Hiring Expert Witnesses

Role of Expert Witnesses

Can a I Recover for Emotional Damages?

Should I Take the First Settlement Offer?

Diagnostic Tests Are Critically Important To Your Personal Injury Case in New York

If I have a pre-existing condition will that impact my current personal injury case in New York?

Is it Possible My Case Might Settle Before Going to Court?

What Factors Impact the Value of My Personal Injury Case in New York?

Personal Injury Written Notice Statutes in New York State

Medical Treatment for Your Injuries

If I’m seriously injured in an auto accident, how can my chiropractor help?

What is important to know about CAT Scans?

How can a neurologist help with your personal injury case?

What is important to know about physical therapy and your personal injury?

How does a general practitioner help when you sustain a serious injury?

What is a Discogram?

X-rays and Your Personal Injury Case

If I’m seriously injured in an accident, what can I expect at the Emergency Room?

What Is A Pain Management Doctor?

How do spine doctors interact involving a serious spine injury?

What’s important to know about EMG’s?

Axial MRI Of The Lumbar Spine

Sagittal Image of an MRI

What’s important for me to know about Digital Motion X-Rays (DMX)?

How can orthopedic doctors help if you get into a serious injury accident?

Construction Accident Topics

Mistakes To Avoid in Construction Accident Cases

Construction Site Fall Injuries

Responsible Party for Construction Injury

Benefits Available to You After a Construction Accident

Am I Eligible for More Than Worker’s Comp When Injured on the Job?

Pedestrian Seriously Injured While Walking Through a Job Site

What to do if a Family Member was Killed on the Job

Bicycle Accident Topics

Bicycle Accident Liability

Hit by a Car While Riding a Bike

Doored by a Parked Car

Injury Caused by Hitting a Pothole on a Bike

Partially Responsible for Bicycle Accident

Insurance Companies Aren’t Your Friends

Slip and Fall Injury Topics

Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall Injury

Injured on someone else’s property?

Surface defects in commercial parking lots?

Proving You Weren’t At Fault For A Slip And Fall Injury

Slip and Fall at a Public Pool

Slip and Fall at Work

Bus Stop Slip and Fall Injury

How A Warning Sign Affects Slip and Fall Claims

Can I Sue a City or County for My Injuries?

Winter Slip and Fall at Store

Unshoveled Sidewalk Injury

What is important to know about injuries from faulty steps?

If I fall and get injured due to poor lighting, what is important to know?

Injured by Falling Objects at a Store

If I fall down due to a faulty handrail and get injured, what is important to know?

What should I know if I fall on a wet floor and get injured?

First Things You Should Do if You Slip and Fall on Ice

What happens if I slip and fall & get injured on ice or snow?

Three Tips for Senior Citizens to Avoid Falling in the Winter

My Child Slipped and Fell on Icy School Bleachers

Length of Time a Property Owner Has to Remove a Dangerous Condition After a Blizzard

Do Waivers or Disclaimers Protect Landlords from Personal Injury Suits?

Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot at a Buffalo Sporting Event

What’s Important To Know About Tripping Hazards?

Bus Accident Topics

Bus Accidents

Bus Caused an Accident

Injured as a passenger on a bus

Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident

Filing a Bus Accident Claim

Choosing a Bus Accident Attorney

Bus Accident Insurance Settlements

School Bus Injury Claims

Bus Accident Case Value

Bus Accident Settlement Timeline

Recovering Damages as a Passenger in a Bus Accident

Dog Bite Injury Topics

Common Mistakes in Dog Bite Cases

Understanding Dog Bite Injuries

Typical Dog Bite Injuries

New York State’s One Bite Rule

Beware of Dog Signs

Qualifying a Good Dog Bite Case

The First Thing You Should Do After Being Bitten by a Dog

My Neighbor’s Dog Knocked Over My Child Causing Injury

Bitten by a Dog You Were Petting

Is the Owner Responsible for the Dog Bite?

Questions to Ask The Owner of the Dog After a Bite

Can Someone Other Than the Owner be Responsible for a Dog Bite?

Does Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

What Happens if the Dog Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Different Types of Injuries

Food Poisoning Litigation

Injured on the Metro Subway

Statute of Limitations for Children

First Steps After Your Child Has Been Injured

Can a Child Bring Forward a Claim for Another’s Negligence?

Damages that are Recoverable in a Child Injury Case

Child Needing CPR at a Pool

Child Injured on a Field Trip

Snowball Fight Injury

Is the School Liable for an Injury that Occurred with My Child?

Bringing a Claim Forward for the Death of a Child

Injured in a Fire Due to a Landlords Negligence

Being Injured While Hiking on State Land

Is there a Minimum Amount of Medical Bills Needed to Have a Case?

If I was injured and I broke my arm, what is important for me to know?

What is Important to know about knee injuries?

What is important to know about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

What Should I do If I was Injured on an Off-Road Vehicle?

Snowmobile Accident

Liability for Concert Injuries

Tenant Safety and Landlord Liability

Can I File a Claim if I Was Assaulted at a Business or Apartment Complex?

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Client Reviews

  • I was offered 0 on a low impact accident. After long litigation I was offered 100,000 which mr maranto rejected. I ended up with 235,000. I would definately use this firm again.

    Pete G.
  • So far, so good! This law office appears to have it's stuff together. And I like the fact that they don't have to advertise like the the the other 2 law firms with the 444444 and the 888888 numbers which tells me they get a lot of word of mouth advertising..the best kind. Also I called one of the 444 and/or 888 numbers and the attorney was very short and rude. After my case I will do a follow up to let you all know how my complete experience was.

    Todd H.
  • Nicotra is very personable, patient and empathetic with his clients. He’s upfront with you and he explains the entire process with you, he never leads you to believe otherwise, he tells you like it is and he will not sell you a million dollar dream. Trust in Nicotra, he works for you and he looks out for your best interest.

    Personal Injury Client

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