Brain Injury Claims

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What is important to know about brain injury claims in New York?


Brain Injury cases in New York can often be tricky because they are not only uncommon, but also are often missed or even misdiagnosed. Oftentimes the loved ones of the injured are the first ones to notice that there’s been some kind of trauma to the brain. Brain Injury Claims Even a relatively normal MRI does not mean that you did not suffer a brain trauma, although we are learning more and more every year now. Concussion studies conducted on football players and veterans, for example, are providing more clarity. The technology is developing, but brain injuries are still some of the trickiest to diagnose, to treat, and— for attorneys— to prove. There are different types of specialists out there, including neurologists and neuropsychologists, who will focus on these injuries, run tests, and conduct cognitive testing. We can help you find the specialists you need to get a correct diagnosis.

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