Getting the Full Insurance Policy

Successful Injury Case

In this video, Attorney Andrew Connelly discusses a recent successful case where he was awarded the full insurance policy.  Contact one of our experienced injury lawyers near Buffalo NY if you were injured.

Recently, I was very proud to get a sizable result for one of our clients – a really nice woman. About three or four years ago, I met with her, took the case in, worked the case up the whole way, and we had to – shall we say – gently nudge the insurance company to move the case along. It’s one of the major carriers, and it’s known to be one of the most difficult insurance companies to deal with. They typically fight tooth and nail for every inch on a file. We filed motions on the case and proceeded forward as fast as we could because we knew that our client’s claim was worth every penny of the insurance policy. They, of course, dragged their feet the whole time. They sent her to one of their “independent doctors,” one of their favorite guys in the area whom they love to use.

Despite that, we were finally able – just within the past few months – to make them offer their full policy value to settle the case. Of course, the client was very happy with that, and we, too, were very happy with the outcome. It’s always wonderful when you can achieve that kind of success for a client, especially when dealing with an insurance company like that one, who will constantly low-ball you, drag you through the mud, and assume you’re going to settle for less than the policy’s full value because they’re a big insurance company. When you show them over and over that you’re just not going to do that, they learn to respect you and realize that, ultimately, you’re going to either get the full value of the policy or you’re going to take the case to trial.

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