Insurance Liability Success Story

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto discusses a recent successful claim involving insurance liability.  Contact one of our experienced lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were injured.

In one recent case, a client was involved in an car accident, and there was a question as to who was responsible. The insurance company was giving us a tremendous amount of difficulty with that aspect of the case. We performed an investigation, provided the company with witnesses, and ultimately were able to convince them that if they were not 100% at fault, that they were close to it.

The second part of this case involved determination of the value of the injuries. The insurance company had originally offered $35,000 on the case. The client, upon hearing the $35,000 settlement offer, was somewhat eager to resolve the case. Our office instructed her to wait before accepting this offer, however, as we believed that the case was worth an excess of $35,000. Although she wanted and needed the money, we asked her to wait for a short period before making her decision. After four weeks of negotiating, the insurance company finally increased its settlement offer to $75,000. When our office spoke with the adjuster, we suspected that we could receive an even higher offer. The client wanted to accept the $75,000, but after we recommended that she wait a little longer, she agreed to do so. Ultimately, within the last several days, we were able to settle the case for $100,000.

Many attorneys’ interests are to settle cases and move onto the next ones. The reality is that a lawyer has only one chance at resolving these cases for an appropriate amount. It is worth putting in the work to make sure that we maximize settlement offers for our clients. This is how we have developed our reputation, and this is how we handle every case at our firm.

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