Negligent Security Injury Claims

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What’s the difference between a negligent security claim and other personal injury claims?


Sometimes I’m asked how a negligent security case is different than other personal injury cases, such as a slip and fall or car accident. With a negligent security claim, or if the security guards behaved in a violent manner, there are a couple different layers. Negligent Security Injury Claims We track it back to the employees’ interview process. The training process could’ve been years ago. Is there a handbook? Are there follow-ups? Some stores have videos that new employees are required to watch and an education process that continues afterward.
Other places don’t give much training at all. They might give somebody a uniform or just a spot at the door without any adequate supervision of how they are doing their job. Inadequate training, inadequate retention of that employee, and an inadequate performance review process are all factors to consider.

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