Success Story from a Buffalo Car Accident Case

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Recently as a Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer I got a result at trial recently for a client of ours who was just a really great person. She was 74 years old, involved in a car accident and injured her neck, back, and shoulder. She was already disabled because of prior back and neck problems.  The shoulder injury she received was what they called non-surgical, which made all of her care conservative. She had no surgeries, but had chiropractic care, some consults with an orthopedic, and some massage therapy, but essentially we had to work with what we had.

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There was no missed time from work, no economic loss, and so the insurance company in negotiations throughout her case had offered us $10 thousand, $12 thousand, and finally they got as high as $15 thousand dollars to resolve it. They were very confident in their number and kept telling me it was for an older woman with a non-surgical shoulder injury and aggravation of prior conditions that they were not responsible for. As confident Buffalo Car Accident Attorneys we took that case to trial and the jury came back with a result of $154 thousand dollars which made our client very happy and proud of the work that we did.   This helped vindicate us regarding our position on value and let these insurance companies know that in the future that they should deal with us in a more fair manner and work with us sooner. We certainly aren’t afraid to take a case to trial and get the result that we think is proper.

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