7.7 Million Dollar Accident Case

Successful 7.7 Million Dollar Pedestrian Accident Case

In this video, Attorney Robert Maranto discusses a recent successful accident case where his client won 7.7 million dollars.  Contact one of our experienced injury lawyers in Buffalo NY if you were in an accident.
Download Our Free Auto Accident Guide I was recently involved in a case here in Western New York in which my client sustained what I would describe as catastrophic types of injuries as a result of a pedestrian accident. A vehicle had struck my client while she was standing on a sidewalk. We immediately contacted investigators to go out to the scene, interview witnesses, and obtain information that was vitally important to our case. The case immediately went into litigation, despite the fact that we were contacted by insurance carriers in that case. After putting the case into litigation, the insurance companies talked to us about settling the case early on, and they offered us a figure that was far less than we would agree to accept. Even though the number was a substantial figure, it was our opinion that the case had value in excess of what the insurance companies were offering. One of the elements typical of these cases is that when insurance companies flash large numbers, the settlement offer appears to be reasonable; an offer of any size could provide someone with comfort, to an extent, for the rest of her or his life. However, despite the fact that insurance companies may provide one of our clients with a high number, based on jury verdict searches and our own experience, we believe the value of the case may be higher or lower than what the companies stated. This is an inexact science, but we rejected that figure in this case. By rejecting that case, we were able to increase the number substantially from the initial offer, and were able to resolve the case for a total payout of over $7.7 million. Our client now is in a position where she will both receive a figure much higher than the insurance companies’ offers and be taken care of for the rest of her life.