Buffalo Accident Attorney Explains if You Have Any Recourse for an Injury While Hiking on State Land

As an experienced Buffalo Accident Attorney, If a client tells me they were injured while participating in a recreational sport – such as hiking on state land – it’s important to know that New York State has specific laws regarding an individual’s assumption of risk when they elect to participate in certain recreational activities. For example, if the injury was one that might have been expected to occur during a hike, we are typically precluded from bringing a claim in that situation.

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Claims against the state have a very short notice window. You are required to file a Notice of Claim – or an Intention to File Notice of Claim – and that process begins with the state. They may take a statement, but these are difficult cases to begin with. If you are injured while involved in a recreational sport your ability to bring a claim depends on proof that something significant or important must prove negligence on the part of whoever caused your injury.

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