Buffalo Accident Lawyer Explains What to Do if a Dog Knocked Over a Child Causing Injury

As an experienced Buffalo Accident Lawyer, I am often asked about accidents that involve dogs injuring children.  A dog owner can be held responsible for injuries to an individual even there was no bite. Oftentimes, people think they are permitted to seek compensation under New York law only if the dog bit somebody; however, that’s not true.

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 Just as in the case of a dog bite, however, it is necessary to prove that the dog has previously demonstrated a propensity toward the behavior that caused the injury. We have been consulted in a number of cases where dogs have chased people – causing them to run, fall, and become injured without ever having any direct contact with the dog.

 In a situation where a dog is loose and comes into contact with a person – knocking them down or otherwise causing an injury – the owner of the dog can be held responsible for those injuries if it can be shown that the dog had a propensity for certain behaviors, and that propensity can be demonstrated in a variety of different ways.

Did a neighbor’s dog knock your child over causing injury?  Contact experienced Buffalo Accident Lawyer Robert Maranto for guidance.

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Download Our Free Dog Bite Injury Guide