Being Bitten When You Were Petting a Dog

Were you bitten and severely injured by a dog you were petting?  Contact experienced Buffalo Dog Bite Attorney Robert Maranto to fight for you.

As a dedicated Buffalo Dog Bite Attorney, I am often asked if you can bring forward a claim for being bitten by a dog while you were petting it.

  • The fact that a person was able to pet a dog prior to that dog attacking or biting him does not preclude the bite victim’s right to bring a claim against the dog’s owner.
  • If the dog has a dangerous propensity, the owner is required to advise you to maintain a safe distance – whether or not he is physically present.
  • New York State’s strict liability statute states that one need not prove negligence on the part of a dog owner if that dog was known to have a dangerous propensity.
  • The fact that some type of friendly interaction with the dog took place prior to its attacking you does not affect the ability to bring a claim.

This short informational legal video was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced Buffalo Dog Bite Attorney.

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