Common Mistakes in Dog Bite Cases

Buffalo injury attorney Richard Nicotra explains how to avoid common mistakes in dog bite cases that could affect your financial recovery, in this educational video.

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The most common mistakes in dog bite cases that we see are the failure to collect any witness information at the scene, as well as not noting the address where it happened.

When you’re just walking through the neighborhood and something like this happens to you, you probably won’t think about trying to pin point where the attack came from or how it happened.

The other issue is trying to lock down information regarding any prior bites or prior vicious propensities. Neighbors are often the best resource for that because they’ve seen the dog over the years, often times lunging at the mailman. If you can knock on a door, show the neighbor what happened. then the neighbors become much more helpful because they don’t want anyone else attacked. When people see the damage that this dog has done, they tend to be much more cooperative.  This gives us the information that we can use against the insurance company to let them know that this dog, in fact, has had problems beforehand.
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