Buffalo Injury Attorney on Being Bitten By a Dog You Were Petting

As a dedicated Buffalo Injury Attorney, I often represent clients who have been bitten by dogs. Oftentimes, clients say they were simply petting a friendly looking dog, when all of the sudden he attacked. Petting a dog prior to that dog attacking, or biting you will not preclude your right to bring a claim against the dog’s owner. If that dog has a dangerous propensity, the owner is required to advise you to stay away – even if that owner is not there at the time.

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New York State has a strict liability statute which states that one need not prove negligence on the part of a dog owner if that dog was known to have had a dangerous propensity in the first place. The fact that you were involved in some type of friendly interaction with the dog prior to its attacking you does not affect your ability to bring a claim.

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