Buffalo Injury Lawyer Explains the Difference Between a Motorcycle Accident and a Car Accident

As an experienced Buffalo Injury Lawyer, I often receive calls from clients who are involved in motorcycle accidents. Especially in the late spring/early summer, motorcycle accidents become much more common as far as news stories, because the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are generally much worse than car accident victims. Motorcycle accident victims are the most susceptible to injury because they don’t have the protective shell of a vehicle, there are no seat-belts, there are no airbags. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, the motorcyclist was properly following the law, but another driver just didn’t see them coming. The most common defense we hear is the other driver “just didn’t see you”. Motorcycle accidents are typically much more serious as far as injuries go. Also, the damages to the motorcycle itself is typically much worse than the vehicles that struck them. The bikes are often demolished and totaled, and the person themselves are typically facing a long uphill battle regarding recovery.

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Another issue that’s important to note is that because of the high risk of injury in an accident, New York State no-fault benefits are not offered to motorcyclists. What that means is that your options for treatment are much more limited. You have to hope that you have good medical insurance on your own, and if you don’t, you’re going to have an even harder time finding doctors to treat the injuries you’re dealing with.

One of the most important things you should do if you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident is call an attorney who is qualified, and knows how to handle these kind of cases immediately. The investigation that an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will perform, and also the advice that you’re given in the beginning stages is extremely important. People wouldn’t hire somebody for a car accident that doesn’t drive a car. In my opinion, hiring an attorney who also rides a motorcycle is important because they understand what you’re seeing, what you’re going through, what situations pop up that are no fault of your own, and what you deal with in those types of accidents.

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