Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Discusses a Successful Case Against the NFTA

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney I had the pleasure to represent a client who was injured by a negligent bus driver.

  • This was a jury trial in the New York State Supreme Court against the NFTA.
  • The bus driver was distracted by an accident.  Our client  was in the process of showing her bus pass to the driver; when the bus’s brakes were slammed, our client was injured.
  • The NFTA said their driver was not responsible but we rebutted that the driver should have been aware of their surroundings.
  • We were offered $20,000 but rejected it and went to trial.
  • The jury found the bus driver fully responsible and our client received $150,000.

Have you been injured on a bus or public transportation system?  Contact experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Robert Maranto to fight for you.

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This short informational legal video was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney.