Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Damages that are Recoverable in a Child Injury Case

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney, I am often asked about the damages that are recoverable in an injury case involving a child.

  • If a child is seriously injured in an accident, immediate contact with an attorney is essential.
  • When an individual is seriously injured, the first priority is medical care, and the second is to contact an attorney.
  • Accidents are subject to many statutes of limitations, including periods of time within which no-fault applications must be filed, when MV104s must be filed and, ultimately, for the negligence case itself.
  • Insurance companies are keenly focused on getting information from people early on and using it in defending their case.
  • I suggest that parents of injured children let their attorney deal with the insurance company on their behalf.

Are you looking to recover damages for your child’s injury case?  Contact dedicated Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Robert Maranto to fight for you.

This short informational legal video was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney.

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Client Reviews

  • I was offered 0 on a low impact accident. After long litigation I was offered 100,000 which mr maranto rejected. I ended up with 235,000. I would definately use this firm again.

    Pete G.
  • So far, so good! This law office appears to have it's stuff together. And I like the fact that they don't have to advertise like the the the other 2 law firms with the 444444 and the 888888 numbers which tells me they get a lot of word of mouth advertising..the best kind. Also I called one of the 444 and/or 888 numbers and the attorney was very short and rude. After my case I will do a follow up to let you all know how my complete experience was.

    Todd H.
  • Nicotra is very personable, patient and empathetic with his clients. He’s upfront with you and he explains the entire process with you, he never leads you to believe otherwise, he tells you like it is and he will not sell you a million dollar dream. Trust in Nicotra, he works for you and he looks out for your best interest.

    Personal Injury Client