Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Filing a Claim if Assaulted at a Business

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney, I am often asked by clients if they are able to pursue a claim if assaulted at a bar or restaurant. The answer is yes you can, although there are some issues to it. First of all, assault is an intentional act and therefore the claim against the person who did the actual act is only one year. The claim against the establishment for improper security, improper training, and improper supervision can be claimed up to three years. These cases are very fact specific.  If you have witnesses who were able to see what happened, and the altercation was not your fault, all of these things are factors to consider if your claim will be successful or not.

Have you been assaulted at a restaurant or business due to the negligence of security or supervisors?  Contact experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Richard Nicotra for dedicated representation. He offers free consultations and would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your potential personal injury case.

This educational legal blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney.