Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Explains Being Liable for a Dangerous Condition Created by a Contractor

As an experienced Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney, sometimes I get phone calls from clients who were hurt in a home where there was a dangerous condition present. Oftentimes it was caused by a contractor, or somebody working for or with the homeowner. In these situations, the homeowner has the ultimate responsibility for hiring, supervising, and overseeing any work done on their house, and they also have to hire these contractors properly. This means that the contractor must be insured. They also have to be credentialed and qualified.

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The homeowner does share in that responsibility, but we also look to the contractors themselves if the work was faulty, or if they caused a hazardous condition that wasn’t properly signed or protected while they were doing their work. These types of precautionary measures would have helped to prevent any injuries from occurring in the first place, therefore they can be held liable for not taking the proper measures to ensure a safe environment.

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