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Bus Accident Settlement Timeline

Were you seriously injured in a wreck? Watch this video on bus accident settlement timeline to learn how long cases take.

One of the first questions that’s often asked of me is how long the case will last. My response to my clients at that point is that the case will take as long as necessary in order to maximize the recovery. When you first walk into our office, we generally don’t know what’s wrong with you. We don’t know how long your injuries are going to bother you and whether there’s going to be any permanency to those injuries.

During the process of you getting treatment, gathering medical records and getting the opinions of the medical doctors, we make a determination as to whether the case should resolved with an insurance company or whether it should be put in suit. If put in suit, the case takes longer because we’re in a posture where we have to go through a full litigation process. That process can take a year, sometimes longer depending on how much fighting is going on between the insurance company or the bus company and ourselves.

This is all dependent on whether or not the judge has room for a trial; sometimes calendars are extremely bogged down and we have difficulty getting trial dates. From the standpoint of early on and understanding exactly how long a case will last, we don’t know. We do not settle cases quickly just to get rid of them. We tend to take a little bit longer on our cases so we can maximize the recovery.
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