Can I Hire A Different Injury Attorney?

Buffalo Injury LawyerNew York law allows individuals to change attorneys if they choose to do so. Often, when people are injured, they need an attorney immediately, but have no time to investigate those attorneys thoroughly before making their selection. I encourage people to at least sit down with us before signing a retainer agreement so they can evaluate the difference between our law firm and many of the other law firms.

When people make decisions quickly, they often choose a firm based on an easy-to-remember telephone number or something they saw in a television ad. If their relationship with that attorney has gone sour, they are permitted to change attorneys. They can certainly call another attorney at any time seeking insight into what would be different with that law office as opposed to their current one.

Did you hire an attorney that isn’t putting in work for your case?  Contact a dedicated Injury Lawyer in Buffalo like Robert Maranto to stand by you.

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