Food Poisoning Litigation

In this educational video, Buffalo personal injury attorney Robert Maranto explains how food poisoning litigation can be a serious matter.

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The simple answer as to whether an establishment can be held responsible for food poisoning that a customer is subject to is yes. Establishments have the duty to make sure that the food that they provide out is free from contamination. That can come in a number of ways. It could either be the individual company that provided the food to a restaurant, or the restaurant itself for failure to use the food properly. Oftentimes, this is a proof problem for us because there are varying issues and discussions as to how long after the consumption of food someone can get food poisoning.

However, there have been times where food poisoning litigation cases have become very serious. There have been cases in the news where people have contracted very serious blood-borne illnesses because of food contamination. What we would do in those cases is we look all the way up the line from producer all the way down to provider. We would look to all of them to provide compensation for the individual’s injuries if food contamination did, in fact, cause some type of food poisoning.

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