Icy Conditions Car Accident – $300,000 Winning Case

In WNY, you are required to drive slower and be more alert during winter storms. In the following video, Buffalo personal injury lawyer Robert Maranto discusses how he litigated an icy conditions car accident case and ended up winning 300 thousand dollars in compensation for his client. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact our dedicated Buffalo injury lawyers for a free consultation. Let our experience work for you.

The insurance company for the striking vehicle, the other vehicle, took two positions in that case. Number one, they were claiming that they weren’t at fault for the accident because of what we call the emergency doctrine. The defendant in the case, who ran through a stop sign, were claiming they ran into an emergency situation because of a icy condition that could not be anticipated. Second, they’re arguing that my client’s injuries were not related to the accident.

My client’s injuries were interesting in the regards that they were what we would call physical injuries, they were emotional injuries. Based on that and their independent medical examination, the insurance company had offered $25,000, which we had rejected. We proceeded through approximately seven days of trial, and we had a number of days left.

The client testified that she was having psychiatric and psychological components to her injuries because of the nature and extent of the accident and the fear that she had over the fact that her daughter was involved in the accident, and she was having post-traumatic stress as a result of that. Approximately two days prior to the end of the trial, the insurance company came to us and offered us additional money other than the $25,000. Ultimately, by the end of that day, the case settled for $300,000, which quite frankly was more than I thought that case had value at that time. We were able to secure a value to the case, even in excess of where we thought it would go.

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