Incidental Expense Coverage under No Fault insurance

Have you or a loved one been injured? Learn about the incidental expense coverage under no fault insurance. Give our Buffalo lawyers a call.

Wherever you’re involved in an accident in New York State while in a vehicle or struck by a vehicle, you get a certain bundle of benefits that has been referred to as no fault benefits. It covers wages if you are disabled but it also covers a special miscellaneous category.

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The most frequent benefit is mileage reimbursement. And that is reimbursed by the mile at the Internal Revenue Service reimbursement rate for travel.  It is computed by the round trip from your house to every doctor visit, X-ray, MRI facility, or therapy visit.

What we do for clients and what many others don’t is to provide our clients with the information needed on our first intake meeting along with blank no fault mileage sheets.

We ask for them once a month and we will submit them the day that they are brought in to us. You have 90 days to submit these but if you get them twice every 30 days then you can expect a check in your mailbox reimbursing you for your travel every month. It helps people with the expensive of gas or having family / friends drive them. This type of benefit will last for 1 year.

There are other expenses that are incidental as well. If they are out of packet expenses that you have experienced or if you have required  household help such as; mowing your lawn, snow blowing your driveway or you can’t scrub your floors. Because these expenses are only given for those things that are medically necessary each of these incidentals requires a note from your doctor. So for example, if you do require household help and you cannot do it yourself and you are not living with your spouse or another responsible adult you are related to then you may qualify for household help. But your doctor must prescribe determine that this is a necessary expense because of your disability.

Mileage is easier because all the insurance company does is match up your mileage sheet with your doctor’s visit bills and then once they correspond, they will send you a check for that mileage. There are other things that are seasonal such as snow blowing, lawn care that the no fault system itself is designed to keep you afloat and make sure that your basic necessities are covered while you are healing and recovering. But, these expenses are only covered as long as you’re  being treated by medical providers, that deem them necessary because you are disabled.

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