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Jetski Accident Injury Case

Were you injured on a jetski in New York? Watch this video to learn how to handle your jetski accident injury case by our Buffalo lawyers.

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We get calls from people who are injured in jet ski accidents and one of the things they ask is, what rights do they have and do they have a claim for injury? That really does depend on what the cause of that injury was.

In New York State, if you are injured during a recreational activity, there are certain protections that prevent lawsuits if the injury sustained was one that would be predicted or foreseen in doing that activity.

However, if a boat, let’s say, crosses your path or another jet skier hits you and you are injured through the fault of somebody else, then that is where we would look for the liability portion of your claim.

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Andrews, Bernstein & Maranto, PLLC fight for the rights of persons who are injured or disabled. We approach each case on an individual basis and personally assist each client with their unique needs. We are involved in every step of the legal process, and ensure that each case receives the time and effort necessary for success. 

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