Pain Management Doctors

Pain management doctor are commonly called physiatrist. These are doctors that manage people’s pain.

People come into our office on a regular basis and they have a significant amount of pain. Pain management doctors are working constantly with chiropractors or physical therapist, primary doctors and specialist  to  provide you with medication or other types of therapies to get you through the hardest parts.

Medications can come in form of pain medication, muscle relaxants,  and things that assist the body in deadening the symptoms you are experiencing. These types of doctors also engage in other types of therapies like prolotherapy.  There are injection therapies they are called epidural injections where they include a steroidal medication and a medication for pain, injected into afflicted areas in order to decrease swelling and also to deaden the pain.

There are some pain management doctors that engage into selective epidural, where instead of injecting another muscle they use fluoroscopy and inject into the extra nerve sheet.  By injecting into the nerve sheet with the same types of medication they hope to go to the source of the problem. The type of physiatrist that does that also uses that as a diagnostic tool. If there is a contrast injected into the nerve sheet and a person has a pain response to that, we know that that nerve is having a problem which can be confirmed by an EMG and NCV.

When people have undergone multiple types of treatment and can’t seem to get better, there are spinal stimulators.   These are devices used to distract the body from the pain that it’s experiencing.  Some physiatrist will use implantable spinal simulators that are put under the skin so when people turn on the machine, it sends electro impulses into the body and assists with managing pain on a chronic basis.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, one of our experienced personal injury lawyers.