Points to Know about Knee Injuries

The knee is a very complex joint in the body, and it essentially is the space where the femur is joined to the tibia and fibula, which is joined by a series of ligaments and your kneecap.

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What we find when clients are in a car accident and their knees strike either the door, the dashboard, or another component in the vehicle, they can do severe damage to these areas. Sometimes they can tear the ligaments that attach,  or dislocate the patella (kneecap) which can be quite severe. This can  require a major reconstruction, while others require arthroscopic surgery; where they go in and repair the ligaments.

Knee injuries are also common in fall-downs or premises liability cases, where people might twist their knee, or fall down and land on a leg or knee. Although the mechanism of injury is different, those same structures can be involved.

Oftentimes an MRI will show a “bursitis,” under the fluid is where the tear often is.  Sometimes a doctor needs to go in arthroscopically and do an examination, and check to see what is hidden under there. If there are tears to the structure, or strained, physical therapy can help. If that fails, they can have it repaired surgically.

This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, one of our experienced auto accident lawyers.

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