Recent Car Accident Case Success Story

Buffalo personal injury attorney Robert Maranto discusses a recent car accident case success story that resulted in a large settlement for our client.

Recent Car Accident Case Success Story There was a motor vehicle accident case that was of note recently at our office. This was a case where a woman was involved in a motor vehicle accident with very little property damage, and the insurance company was making a claim that the injuries that my client alleged to have sustained could not have been caused by such a minor motor vehicle accident. This client, unfortunately, had a long history of cervical problems and some shoulder problems prior to the date of the accident. As a result of the accident, she exacerbated those problems, and the insurance company, back in January of this year, had made what was deemed a final offer of $50,000 to settle this case.

We decided, obviously, that this was an unacceptable number. We’re proceeding on this case to go to litigation and to trial. I was able to take the information that I could see from the medical records was able to argue that there was an acute change in her EMG. Ultimately, as we approached trial, the insurance company agreed to raise that offer from $50,000 to $380,000.

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