Snowball Fight Injury

Snowball fights are often thought of as innocent fun, however the combination of snow and ice can cause serious injuries. If you have been injured in a snowball fight, contact our Buffalo injury attorney to get the compensation you deserve in your personal injury case.

If a client calls and their child sustained an injury by being struck by a snowball or an ice ball, although initially it looks like just horsing around, it certainly is a potential claim for liability and negligence to get a recovery for those damages as a result of that action. If, for example, the parent of the child who threw the ice ball are covered by a homeowner’s policy, then we look to that policy to provide coverage for pain and suffering and sometimes medical benefit payments for the first year, due to the child who threw the snowball’s negligence.

You have to understand that in and of itself, ice can be a dangerous weapon or a dangerous object. When packed snow or ice strikes somebody in the eye or in the face, the homeowner’s policy may be available to cover for injury accidents caused by negligence of one of the members of the household, and in circumstance, it would be the child.

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