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Steps After a Truck Accident

Were you injured in a truck crash? Watch this video about the steps after a truck accident, then call for a free consultation.

Clients often ask what the initial steps after a truck injury claim are. We walk them through an initial process of protecting all of their rights and preserving all of their benefits. Step one needs to be retaining a competent trucking injury attorney as soon as possible. We move into action trying to preserve evidence, talk to witnesses; in certain cases, hiring a private investigator to get out there and visit the scene, take photographs; interview witnesses who may have been at the scene or have seen the aftermath of the scene.

Always let somebody else who is competent in that area handle things for you. There are deadlines that are required, some as short as 30 days, when we must file certain applications for benefits. If those deadlines are not met, then you could lose a substantial right in what your benefits are, that were paid for by you in premiums, and now you don’t have them anymore because you haven’t met those deadlines.
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Out of Town Legal Resources

We are constantly looking for personal injury firms and quality online resources in other parts of the country. We found this truck accident attorney in Phoenix, AZ that did a great job with their online legal resources. If you or a loved one are injured in a truck accident in Arizona check out their truck accident resources.