Success Stories From Spinal Injury Clients

Watch this educational video by experienced Buffalo accident lawyer Robert Maranto as he details recent success stories from spinal injury clients.

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We have a client of ours who was involved in a car accident and sustained an injury to his spine. That injury resulted in chiropractic care and some visits for an orthopedics surgeon but no surgery. This individual had some prior problems with his lower back as well, but we were able to argue that part of his inability to continue employment was because of this accident. We went to a mediation and flew in an individual from Texas just to come to mediation. After about five minutes in the mediation they offered $20,000, at which point I put my materials into my briefcase and I walked out the door.

Approximately one year later, after continuing to prosecute the case and working very hard, the insurance company contacted us again in an attempt to discuss a resolution to the case.  Ultimately, after several hours of negotiation, we were able to settle the case for well over six figures. The client was thrilled because this was a non-surgical disc case with mostly conservative treatment. Again, the number came into a parameter and into a range that I felt comfortable with and the client was thrilled.

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