Suing the Owner of a Building After Being Assaulted

An owner of a property can be sued if you are intentionally assaulted on their property, if they knew or should have known that there may be an individual there that would engage in that activity. An owner of a property has the duty to either have that person removed or to provide enough security to make sure something doesn’t happen to you.

I just had a case that we resolved where my elderly client was at OTB, and assaulted by another individual there. The OTB and the individual that did the assault would not come forward and attempt to resolve the case.  After showing that the individual who did the assault was someone who frequented the OTB and was also someone who they should have known had a propensity for this type of activity, ultimately we were able to settle the case.

This blog was provided by Robert Maranto, an experienced Buffalo NY Personal Injury Lawyer