Signing an Insurance Provider’s Release Prematurely

I want to talk to you about what a release is and what happens when you sign one.

A release is a document. It is a legally binding contract between you and the insurance company, and it’s used when a case wraps up. They are generated often initiated by the insurance company, and it ends the personal injury case. It is an exchange of compensation for the injury sustained for pain and suffering in exchange for the claim ending. We have had clients in the past who have signed these either under misrepresentation, under distress, or with a lack of knowledge regarding the significance.

We’ve had a couple of successes recently in going to court, overturning those documents, having the release thrown out of court, and then being very successful in getting a recovery for both of those people when they had signed off on pursuing. It’s a great success story that we’ve had and we’ve had a couple of them. I always warn my clients, “Please don’t sign anything without having your attorney review it. Don’t give any recorded statements without having your attorney present and having that power of representation alongside them.”

This blog was provided by Richard Nicotra, an experienced Buffalo NY Personal injury lawyer.