Unshoveled Sidewalk Injury in New York

Owners are responsible for keeping their walkways shoveled and free from hazards. If you’ve suffered an unshoveled sidewalk injury in New York, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. Contact our Buffalo slip and fall lawyers today for a free consultation.

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A common call that we get during the winter months are for falls on sidewalks. Those claims can be tricky. The answer often depends on the very fact-specific nature of that incident. Most municipalities do not impose a duty upon the homeowners to clear snow. However, once a homeowner undertakes that task, and they begin to do the snow removal, they must do so in a non-negligent manner. They can’t just leave a sheet of ice after removing the snow because often the snow provides traction to people walking on it.

So if a homeowner does shovel their sidewalk or doesn’t maintain it properly, and they create an icy condition based upon their actions, then somebody consulting us certainly would have a potential claim. There are other exceptions to that also. For example, if there was improper drainage, if a homeowner did landscaping and didn’t account for snow and ice melt and runoff onto the sidewalk.  Gutter runoffs also create dangerous conditions that cause injuries to people. We also help them get fair compensation based upon somebody else who did not properly maintain safely on their premises.

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